We all have busy lives and finding time to make pottery can be difficult.

We do our best to make it possible for you to use the studio when you have time.

The polices below are designed to help us share the space so that everyone gets what they need.


  1. Before starting to work in the main studio, handbuilding room or glaze room during a scheduled class, please check in with the instructor and ask if there is room in the class. 
  2. If you are in the midst of a project when a class starts, please stop and ask the instructor of the class if it is ok for you to continue working. 
  3. If the instructor tells you that the class is full, please move to the back studio. 
  4. Large glazing projects should be done between classes. It’s ok to slip into a class and glaze a couple of items, but please avoid taking up significant space in the glaze room during a class. 
  5. Please remember that students enrolled in a class have first priority on equipment and table space while their class is in session.