Ikebana vessel with Handle


Artist: Thomas A. Arakawa

Description: This ikebana vessel was wood fired in U.S. The pot was thrown on the wheel and fired in Hiroshi Ogawa’s Hikarigama Anagama and Nobori-gama hybrid kiln in Elkton, OR. The anagama firing was 2 days of loading, 4 days firing with oxidation shutdown method, and 2 days of unloading. Loading pottery in the kiln was done carefully with consideration of the distance between pots and the direction of the pot which effects flashing color and the location of the kiln which effects carbon trapping, flashing, amount ash and soda deposit. Once the kiln reached around 2400F, series of layering has been applied every 8 to 12 hours until last day of firing. A combination of alder and oak were used for the firing. The temperature reached cone 14 (Approximately 2500F) at anagama part and cone 10 (Approximately 2350F) at nobori part. Shino glaze has been used as liner glaze.

The post-firing finish work has been applied to the piece. The nature of wood firing and wood soda firing provides a runny natural ash glaze but also the ash deposit is not controlled. Designs of pot and loading is effective to control the ash deposit. However, the post-firing finish work is required for functional ware. The feet of the pots are smoothed with a grinder and 5 different grades of sandpapers. A transparent enamel paint has been applied to the smoothed surface to match the flashing color on the clay surface. The grape vine handles are attached with stained cane.

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