San Jose Ceramics Workshops

Our San Jose ceramics workshops are taught by well established artists who inspire others and freely share their tips and tricks. Come to our ceramic workshops, get inspired and learn new techniques.

Glazing Workshop

Glazing Without Fear
Date: Saturday, February 29, 2020
Time: 1:30 to 4:30 pm
Course Description: This course is designed to teach tried and true glazing techniques. You will receive a tour of our glazes, learn application techniques and be taught the do’s and don’ts of successful glazing. While students will have some time to glaze pots, the workshop is primarily lecture and demonstration.
Skill Level: Open to all
Instructor: David Johanson and Geri Peterson
Cost: $85

Handbuilding Workshop

Working with Slabs and Texture
Date: Postponed until further notice (March 28, 2020)
Time: 1:30 to 6:30 pm
Course Description: Learn to use tarpaper forms to create slab built mugs, vases, planters and bowls. This popular workshop is an excellent introduction to working with slabs of clay. Many students complete 4 to 6 pots in this one-day workshop.
Skill Level: Open to all
Instructor: Elaine Pinkernell
Cost: $120

Alternative Firings Workshop

Date: Saturday, May 2
Time: TBD
Course Description: Learn a variety of alternative firing and finishing techniques including raku, naked raku, horsehair, foil saggar, and box saggar. Participants should have 5 bisque fired pieces, with a smooth surface and a maximum size of 8 inches. Round or plain shapes better show the effects of these firing techniques.
Skill Level: Basic Proficiency
Instructor: Matt Hoogland
Cost: $120

Sculpting Workshop

Bust Making and Sculpting
Date: Saturday, October 3
Time: 1:30-6:30 pm
Course Description: Learn how to make small busts with dynamic forms and expressive faces. Participants will learn everything from the basics of attaching and molding clay, to finer detail sculpting and carving, to finishing techniques. During the workshop, two pieces will be created, one smaller piece to learn the basic techniques, and a second piece to combine the basics into something more ambitious. Pieces will be fired at the studio. Non members will have studio access to finish their work. Please check out Dug’s work at
Skill Level: Open to All
Instructor: Dug Stanat
Cost: $120