Charleen Renati Pottery

Artist Statement: I have been described as “brutally honest.” To some, this may seem like a harsh critique; however, when used to describe my artwork, I consider it the highest compliment. The process of creating pottery is a reflection of my personality – an attempt to stamp my integrity on something lasting.

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Interpreting the concept of an “honest pot” is what drives me forward. In my work, form follows function. Glazes are simple and design is uncluttered, allowing the natural beauty of the clay to take center stage. I love to show the handmade character of the pot, whether it be through unglazed clay, throwing lines left by my hands, or a telltale fingerprint.
I believe nature is the most pure reflection of honesty. My design and color palates are often inspired by the natural world, with echoes of water, stones, trees and leaves.