Pottery Workshops and Events

Handbuilding WorkshopPink.stackedmugs

Working with Slabs
Date: April 21, 2018
Time: 1:30 to 7:00 pm
Course Description: Learn to use tarpaper forms to create slab built mugs, vases, planters and bowls. This popular workshop is an excellent introduction to working with slabs of clay. Many students complete 4 to 6 pots in this one-day workshop.
Skill Level: Open to all

Meet the instructor: Elaine Pinkernell

After a stint as a programmer for Apple Inc. in the 80’s I decided to live my dream in 1990.  I wanted to make pots for a living.  My then boyfriend, now husband, Chris and I bought a small house in Watsonville, CA.  He and his friends built a big beautiful studio for me.  Since then I have been a studio potter creating fine art for the wall and funky functional ware all from that amazingly versatile medium, clay.  Along the way I’ve become a mother, a teacher, and a student of children.   Watch a child make art.   There is no fear.  Our best work emerges when we operate in a place of no judgement.

I’ve taught classes and workshops about my techniques since 1989.  I’m passionate about teaching as it provides the endless give and take of creativity that makes all of our work better.  I have yet to teach a class where I’ve not said, “I’ve never thought of doing it that way before!”  I’m continually watching for the result I’ve never seen before.  This teaching/learning process is a constant supply of fresh ideas that eventually changes my work consciously and sub-consciously and makes all our work better.

I live and work with this intention:  Pay attention to the process.  You may just find that the accident along the way pleases you more than the original goal.  And make sure you laugh at yourself along the way!

Are there any regrets leaving Apple in 1990?  I’ve never looked back.

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Form and FunctionIMG_6590

Aesthetics & Design
Date: May 19, 2018
Time: 1:30 to 6:30 pm
Course Description: While a new potter develops the basic skills of throwing, a question emerges: How do I turn this boring cylinder into something useful, remarkable and inspiring? This workshop addresses that question. We will explore the importance of a pot’s profile, shape and proportion. We’ll discuss the relationship between form and function and we’ll examine, rims, feet, spouts, lids and handles.
Skill Level: Open to all

Meet the instructor: David Johanson

I grew up on an old dusty road in central Minnesota, among windswept cornfields, rusty old tractors and weathered barns. The folks I grew up with were practical, down to earth and not afraid of hard work. My approach to art and my sense of aesthetics was formed in this place, among these people.

Over the years, I have experimented with many artistic forms of expression. However, I have always come back to clay. Perhaps it’s the idea of creating something beautiful out of dirt that keeps calling to me. I am definitely drawn to both the skill and hard work involved in becoming an accomplished potter and I love the challenge of maintaining studio equipment. The equipment I work with has become an important part of the artist I am.

My journey with clay began at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD under the tutelage of Professor Gerry Punt. After college, I directed and developed a large art program for inner-city children and teenagers in inner-city Cleveland, Ohio. Through this experience, I developed a deep commitment to building community via the arts. In 2007, my love for clay and my commitment to building community came together at Blossom Hill Crafts Pottery School in Los Gatos, CA. Today I am the co-owner of Blossom Hill Crafts Pottery School where I spend my time teaching the art I love, developing my own work and running a fantastic studio with my business partner Joanne Brice.

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Altering & Embellishing Wheel-Thrown Forms

Date: June 9
Time: 1:30 to 6:30 pm
Course Description:Go beyond the basics and learn how to alter your wheel-thrown vessels to craft new, distinctive forms. Create ovoid and scalloped bowls. Experiment with adding raised feet to your mugs and canisters. Incorporate movement into vases with interior spirals. Explore adding texture to your work. And, as time permits, investigate other creative options for your wheel-thrown pottery, such making plates with hand-cut rims, creating scalloped earring holders, crafting serving or baking vessels that aren’t round, and more. The instructor will demo various projects, and you’ll have ample time to apply ideas directly to your own work during the hands-on portion of this workshop.
Skill Level: Open to all

Meet the instructor: Cindy Saracco

Cindy creates pottery at her home studio in San Jose and fires her ware at Blossom Hill Crafts. When her work comes out of the kiln students often heard saying “Wow, who made that.” Now is your chance to learn her secrets.

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