Thomas Arakawa

Artist Statement

The pottery making process is a magic. The things exist just as my imagination become tangible objects which add value to people’s everyday life. Almost at all stages of the pottery making process, the creation is measured by human senses. The handmade process measured by the human senses reflects my emotion and passion in the tangible result. It affirms my Japanese heritage and the American influence to me.

I aspire to make unique functional pottery that reflect myself, fit American life style, and enrich customers everyday life. As I am making pottery, I think about how individual customers use my pieces and how it affects their life. This gives me a unique connection with the people who use my pots.

I achieve my goal by making functional pottery as an collaborative work between me and customers. Most of my functional-ware are half complete as art. My ikibana vessels are complete as art when customer put their plants. My dinnerware and tea ceremony utensil are complete as art when customers place their food and used in their everyday life.