Dave Johanson


dave throwingArtist Bio:

I grew up in a farming community in central Minnesota and am deeply influenced by my roots.

My ceramic forms tend to have rolling curves and remind me of the land I grew up on.

I love the earth tones created by sager firings and the subtle oranges and browns produced by Shino glazes. Clay is nothing more than dirt and molding it reminds me of where and how I grew up.

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My parent’s barn was full of old tractor parts, car parts, scrap metal and lots and lots of tools. As a child I loved to rummage through that old stuff and build things out of it. As a potter I have to maintain a lot of equipment like kilns and potters wheels. This often makes me feel like a kid again playing with tools in the barn. The people who buy my work don’t often see the studio, but the equipment I work with is an important part of the artist I am.

Here is some of my work: