Resident Artists Pottery

Dave Johanson

Co-Owner of Blossom Hill Crafts, Ceramic Instructor and Resident Artist

David holds a BFA from Augustana College and an Mdiv from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary. His current work explores the vibrant colors produced by alternative firing methods such as Sager, Raku and low fire salt. His forms, which are both sculptural and functional, tend to be large, wheel thrown and altered to create visual tension and interesting line.

Paul Rubio

Resident Artist, Ceramics Instructor

Paul’s current work is inspired by his Native American ancestry. Each piece speaks of the inherent magic in life and the value in the effort to understand our bond to nature. In addition to his talent for wheel-throwing. Paul has a gift for hand-building animals and creatures out of clay.


Thomas Arakawa

Resident Artist, Ceramics Instructor

Thomas’ current work is as an affirmation of his Japanese heritage and the influence of American culture on him.  He aspires  to make unique functional  that reflects his heritage, fits American life style, and enrich customers everyday life