Greg Baker Pottery

greg-baker Artist Statement:

My name is Greg Baker and I started in ceramics in the early 80’s in college for my humanities requirement.  I fell in love with the art and took all the classes that they had.

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I moved up to Blossom Hill Crafts in the mid 80’s to continue my addiction of pottery.  After about a year of working to improve my skills the owner of the studio ask me to help her teach and load the kiln.  I also had a day time job to support my family.  When I was laid off I moved my family to Wisconsin to be closer to my family and find work.  I found a job as a pattern maker and soon after opened up a studio in my house.  I made friends with an art group and started to do workshops in raku in the nearby towns.  After a few years my job in California called me back to work and I accepted.  The winters in Wisconsin were dreadful.  I packed myself up and moved back.  I went back the Blossom Hill Crafts to continue pottery and I’ve been here ever since.