How our pottery classes work:

When you start a pottery class, you will receive a teacher’s focused attention. We want you to properly learn the fundamentals of pottery and to feel at home in the pottery studio. As your skills develop, your class experience will morph into an independent study and your teacher will begin coming alongside you to help you get to the next level.

One of the first things you will notice is that all of our classes have students of every skill level. On your first day you will meet beginners and potters with years of experience. Our Pottery classes have two teachers. One focuses on beginners. The other teacher attends to those with more experience.  

At any given time we have three to four beginners in a class. This is a very manageable number which allows us to really teach the fundamentals of making pottery. If you want to continue after your first six weeks, you can stay in the same class, with people you already know and teachers that you have a relationship with. We have students who have been coming to the same class for years.

Because students keep coming to the same class year after year, our pottery classes have become communities of potters who help each other learn the craft.  Welcome to the BHC community.

Here is what you can expect from your first six classes:

Class One: Your first class will include a tour of our pottery studio, an introduction to the process of making pottery and your first lesson on the potter’s wheel.

Class Two: When you arrive for your second class, the pots you threw during the first class will be leather hard. We will show you how to trim a foot on your leather-hard pots and you should have plenty of time to throw a few more pots.

Class Three: The pots you threw and trimmed the first two weeks will be ready for the first firing (called bisque firing). You will have time to throw and trim more pots.

Class Four: Your first set of pots will be out of the bisque firing and ready to glaze. You will receive a glazing lesson. You will also have some pots to trim.

Class Five: Your first set of pots will be glaze-fired and ready to take home. At this time you will have the chance to decide whether or not you want to take more lessons. If you do plan to continue, it’s time to sit down at the potter’s wheel and throw more pots. If not, we’ll help you start wrapping everything up so that all of your work gets completed.

Class Six: It’s time to get all of the pots you have made glazed. If this is your last class, your finished work will be ready in about two weeks.  If you’re continuing on, another throwing lesson is in order.

What happens if I miss a class? You get 8 weeks from the start of your first class to finish your 6 classes. This means that you can have two absences.

What happens if I continue with more pottery classes? Your instructor will keep teaching you what you want to learn. We can continue to show you how to throw more forms on the wheel or introduce you to the world of hand-built ceramics.