About 1500 pots are made at BHC every week. If you don’t label your work properly, your work may get lost in the shuffle. Please take the time to do this well. It will save you and our staff a great deal of frustration.

Labeling wet (just thrown) work: After you throw a pot, place a cookie on the bat. A cookie is a small round disc of clay with your name and class code on it. Cookies are used to identify your pots. Make your cookies out of fresh clay (don’t use scrap from your spill pan). They should be about 2″ round and about 1/2″ thick. Always write your initials and class code with the small pencil provided in your tool kit. Never use your needle tool to label your work. Natural shrinkage in the kiln nearly always makes carved letters illegible. Please also use the initials you gave us when you signed up. If you wish to change your initials, please let us know.

Labeling handbuilt work: If you would like your handbuilt work covered at the leather hard stage, place it on a shelf with other wet pots. Make sure you place a cookie on top of your work and leave a note with your instructions. It’s not always apparent to our staff what you want done with handbuilt work.

Labeling trimmed or completed work: When you are finished trimming a pot or you have completed a handbuilt piece, write your initials on the bottom with the small pencil provided in your tool kit. Please write neatly and use the initials you provided when you registered for your class. Do not write your initials with the needle tool. You do not need to write your class code on the bottom of finished work.