I grew up on an old dusty road in central Minnesota, among windswept cornfields, rusty old tractors and weathered barns. The folks I grew up with were practical, down to earth and not afraid of hard work. My approach to art and my sense of aesthetics was formed in this place, among these people.

Over the years, I have experimented with many artistic forms of expression. However, I have always come back to clay. Perhaps it’s the idea of creating something beautiful out of dirt that keeps calling to me. I am definitely drawn to both the skill and hard work involved in becoming an accomplished potter and I love the challenge of maintaining studio equipment. The equipment I work with has become an important part of the artist I am.

My journey with clay began at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD under the tutelage of Professor Gerry Punt. After college, I directed and developed a large art program for inner-city children and teenagers in inner-city Cleveland, Ohio. Through this experience, I developed a deep commitment to building community via the arts. In 2007, my love for clay and my commitment to building community came together at Blossom Hill Crafts Pottery School in Los Gatos, CA. Today I am the co-owner of Blossom Hill Crafts Pottery School where I spend my time teaching the art I love, developing my own work and running a fantastic studio with my business partner Joanne Brice.