Clay classes began at Blossom Hill Crafts in 1970 with two pottery wheels, one kiln and twelve students. Today more than 200 students are involved in making pottery at our large well-equipped Studio.

We are located on a beautiful 1 acre lot in Los Gatos. There is nothing industrial about our facility. It’s beautiful, relaxing and sure to inspire creativity.

We believe that collaboration and sharing are central to the learning experience. Our focus on community has made us a mecca  of creativity, experimentation and learning for more than 40 years. If you’re new to pottery, the fundamentals of the craft will be intentionally passed on to you by one of our experienced instructors and our passionate and creative vibe is sure to push your creative boundaries to their limit. If your an accomplished potter, our well equipped studio and open community will help you reach the next level

At Blossom Hill Crafts you can expect excellent teachers, a lively fun environment and lots of creativity. You will definitely make some awesome pottery with your own hands. You’re also very likely to make some great new friends. Give us a try. Pick up the phone or send us an email to schedule your pottery class San Jose today.

Meet the Owners

Joanne Brice: Joanne started Blossom Hill Crafts  in 1970 with a passion for the craft and a desire to create community. She is often heard saying “I have always viewed our pottery studio as a community of people rather than a business. It’s a vehicle for sharing and creating rather than a way to achieve personal success.” Over the last 40 plus years Joanne has taught thousands of people to make pottery and has been central to the career of countless professional and semi professional potters.

David Johanson: David’s journey with clay began at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD under the tutelage of Professor Gerry Punt. After college, he directed and developed an art program for inner-city children and teenagers in inner-city Cleveland, Ohio. Through this experience, he developed a deep commitment to building community via the arts. In 2007, David’s love for clay and commitment to building community came together and he became the co-owner Blossom Hill Crafts Pottery School.