Virtual Studio Tour

Clicking on the white arrows will let you walk around our studio

Virtual Studio Tour

Clicking on the white arrows will let you
walk around our studio

Los Gatos Ceramic Studio:

Blossom Hill Crafts is situated on a beautiful 1 acre lot in Los Gatos, CA. There is nothing industrial or commercial about our space. In fact, it’s quite inviting. The studio’s owners Joanne Brice and David Johanson and David’s wife Karen and their kids all live on the campus. But, don’t let our relaxed feel fool you. Blossom Hill Crafts is a large and fully equipped studio that serves about 200 potters at any given time. We are quite proud of our studio and spend thousands of dollars upgrading and remodeling it every year. Our goal is to provide you with a great studio that feels good to work in.

Potter’s Wheels

Potter’s Wheels

We have 15 well maintained Brent potter’s wheels in our main studio and an additional 4 potter’s wheels in our practice studio.

Large Work Surfaces

Large Work Surfaces

Large counters make hand building a much easier and fun experience and that’s why we have gone out of our way to make sure that there is plenty of surface area for you to work on. You will also enjoy our large assortment of plaster drape molds, texture mats and other hand building tools.


Slab Rollers and Extruders 

Our studio is equipped with 2 slab rollers and and 2 extruders with both solid and hollow-form dies.



We have about 2,000 square feet of shelving through out our studio, which means that there is ample space for everyone’s work.


Pug Mill and Clay Mixer 

Our studio is equipped with a Bluebird Pugmill and an Industrial Clay Mixer. While we don’t let students use this equipment, we do sell high quality recycled clay at a vastly reduced price.


Clay and Glazes

Our glaze room includes 32 different glazes that are food safe, lead free, microwave safe and completely  gorgeous. In addition we carry a wide variety of slips, undergalzes and oxides.

We carry 14 different stoneware clay bodies. Please note that the price of our clay includes all firings (including bisque and Glaze) and and all materials including glazes, oxides, under-glazes and slips.

We also have a large Laguna spray booth and an ultra quiet compressor.

Raku Firing

Raku Firing 

We have 2 Raku kilns which our students are free to use once they have taken our Raku workshop and have proven to our studio manager that they can safely operate the kilns.


We have 3 large gas fired “car” style kilns. One is a forced air downdraft kiln that was designed and built by our potters. The other is an updraft kiln made by West Coast.  The third is an updraft made by Laguna. We also have 1 computer programmable electric kiln. We fire bisque to cone 08 and glaze to to cone 10 on a weekly basis. On occasion we fire to cone 5 in the electric kiln.


Additional Equipment 

We have two large wedging tables, plenty of buckets and sponges galore.